Christianity Matters


Christianity Matters is a vital read for anyone interested in religion, Christianity in particular, and who wants to know more about the challenges and threats faced by religion in Australia and Western societies today.



In an increasingly secular, materialistic and individualistic age, it is often said that Judeo-Christianity is of little, if any, significance or relevance. In Western societies like Australia, Judeo-Christianity, for all its sins, underpins and safeguards our political and legal systems and contributes much in areas like health, education, welfare, literature, music and the arts.

Christianity Matters is a vital read for anyone who wants to know more about the Christian and biblical foundations of Western and Australian institutions and society. A flower will retain its beauty for only so long after being cut off from its roots. Our way of life in the West, with all of the freedom and prosperity we take for granted, is in danger of withering away as we continue to hack away at our Christian roots.

Edited by Dr Kevin Donnelly, with contributions by Stephen Chavura, Tim Costello, Peter Craven, Stephen Elder, Martyn Iles, Kristian Jenkins, Tess Livingstone, Cardinal George Pell, Stuart Piggin, Peter Rosengren, Wanda Skowronska and Augusto Zimmermann.