The Page Research Centre was launched on 11th February 2003 by The Nationals then leader and Deputy Prime Minister the Hon John Anderson MP. He announced on that occasion that “The Page Research Centre is Australia’s newest think tank and will have a comparable role to the Menzies and Chifley Research Centres. It is affiliated with the National Party, but will carry out independent research into the strategic issues affecting rural and regional Australia.”

The Page Research Centre occupies a unique place in Australian policy research in that we, like The Nationals, are concerned with driving debate and policy which affects our vital rural and regional areas. We are grateful for the privileged access we enjoy to The Nationals, especially in that the work we generate can have a direct impact on party and government policy. It means we are mindful of the responsibility we have to commission and publish the most thoroughly well researched papers and policy reviews, and hold lectures and conferences which speak to the vital issues affecting Australia.

The Page Research Centre is a non-profit organisation which is sustained by individual and corporate donations, and by an annual grant from the Department of Finance.