The Page Research Centre seeks to inform and influence policy that delivers positive outcomes for rural and regional Australia. Our nation is uniquely reliant on our rural economy and our regional communities, which form the foundation of our national prosperity. For this reason, we work closely with The Nationals, industry and academia to drive research and debate on the issues which affect our regions.

We believe the best way to deliver a fair and prosperous society for all Australians is by applying conservative values to contemporary politics. We believe in our democratic freedoms and will work to defend them. We affirm that government is a necessary institution, especially in its primary role of defense and law & order. However, we believe its scope and application should be limited and not infringe on individual rights. We recognise the family as the primary unit in society, and celebrate community institutions and organisations as its natural extension.

We believe individual achievement should be encouraged, and we uphold the importance of free choice and a fair go. We see private enterprise, entrepreneurship and wealth generation through business as foundational to our economic success. In distinction from our progressive contemporaries, we want to nurture our heritage so that we can continue enjoying the benefits bequeathed to us by Western Civilization. Our culture is the most prosperous and free in human history, and we believe that is good reason to continue to cultivate it.

We welcome collaboration and invite you to engage with us.